BOISE -- The trial of a man who once tried to buy Tamarack Resort entered its fourth day, with prosecutors contending he used retirees' money to enrich himself and secure the Idaho resort.

Matthew Hutcheson, facing 17 counts of fraud, listened as prosecutors called witnesses in U.S. District Court Monday. One, a Virginia lender named James Fletcher, recalled giving Hutcheson a $425,000 loan in 2011 that was never repaid.

As collateral, Hutcheson pledged a $3.5 million mortgage on Tamarack's golf course.

Prosecutors contend Hutcheson illegally used retiree's money to buy that mortgage.

Fletcher told jurors he probably wouldn't have loaned Hutcheson money had he known Hutcheson was offering as collateral a mortgage purchased with people's retirement savings.

Fletcher added Hutcheson told him he owned the mortgage.

Hutcheson's trial may conclude next week.

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