BOISE -- Ada County Sheriff's deputies stopped a BMW driving more than 100 miles an hour on one of the busiest roads in the valley.

Officers first spotted the white BMW driving erratically on Old State Street. When they tried to pull it over they say the driver sped off toward Boise.

Because of high speeds and a potential danger to other drivers, officers called off the pursuit.

A short time later they spotted the 46-year-old driver, once again driving dangerously.

This time officers used a spike strip to stop her, near the intersection of State Street and Eagle Road. That is when she drove head-on into an SUV, but fortunately, no one in that vehicle was hurt.

Police arrested Heidi Anne Laursen on charges of DUI and eluding or fleeing police.

Court documents show that those charges were amended in September to misdemeanor attempting to elude a police officer in a motor vehicle and misdemeanor reckless driving.

Laursen pleaded guilty to those amended charges and was sentenced to two years supervised probation and fined $152.50 on each misdemeanor charge.

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