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BOISE -- When famous Boise band Built to Spill takes the stage at the El Korah Shrine on Friday night, they'll be making history both musically and from the standpoint of tradition.

That's because the band's driving, alternative sound will bounce off the shrine's polished hardwood floors and echo through a dancehall decorated with trippy frescoes of Arabian life.

That's a first for the humble shriners of El Korah.

Potentate Ron Lester says while the fraternity isn't an exclusive club, they've never hosted a major band before. That said, club officials were nervous about renting the space to the Treefort Music Festival.

It is a treasure to us, Lester explained.

Another first: hundreds of people will pack the shrine to see Friday's show, which will feature Built to Spill's first album played in its entirety. According to the band's frontman Doug Martsch, that's a musical feat Built to Spill hasn't yet attempted.

Martsch told KTVB the band recently reorganized, and is now touring with several new members.

We started playing together in October, Martsch said, adding that much of his group's focus has been on perfecting songs that were done on BSP's first album. We live in different towns, so we get together for a week and spend 10 hours a day playing.

According to Martsch, the band is hard at work practicing BSP's first album Ultimate Alternative Wavers, and perfecting its flow. He says several elements have never been done live, and Friday's show at El Korah will be the first time.

We asked Martsch whas his favorite song off the album was, and he replied candidly that he'd been working on one in particular.

We've been working on our instrumental Built Too Long, Martsch said.


Martsch said Built to Spill considered sitting out this year's Treefort Music Fest because 2012's headlining performance was such as success.

However, that was before festival organizer Eric Gilbert (who's also with Boise band Finn Riggins) approached Martsch and asked him to choose the bands for three separate nights of Treefort music at the El Korah Shrine.

Built toSpill

It was really fun, and it was really easy, Martsch said. I'd just throw out a band name, and Eric would go out and get them.

So what bands did the leader of Built to Spill pick to play alongside?

Martsch says it's mostly bands he's played with on the road, and wanted to hear and see again, including:

Camper Van Beethoven
Dark Swallows
The Hand
Lenguas Largas
Slam Dunk
Tree People (one of Martsch's First Bands)
Tommy Dirtweed

Not only will Built to Spill curate the shows, they'll also perform each night at 10:00 p.m.


BSP will play its first album, Ultimate Alternative Wavers, in its entirety for the first time in history to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its release.


BSP will play will play a mix of songs off of their six other albums.


BSP will play an entire set of mysterious, yet-to-be-announced cover songs.


We asked one final question to Built to Spill's famous frontman: what cover songs are you playing Sunday night?

There's a couple of covers I'm excited about, but that's a secret, Martsch said.

You can find out more details on the El Korah Shrine, and Built toSpill's performance there at the Treefort Music Festival website.

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