CALDWELL -- A Canyon County jury says former Prosecutor John Bujak is not guilty of misusing public funds.

The verdict was handed down around 4 p.m. Friday. This is the second trial for this case. The first one ended in a hung jury.

The allegations were that Bujak had illegally personally profited from a prosecution contract with the city of Nampa, but today a jury sided with Bujak, bringing back a not guilty' verdict.

Bujak spoke with KTVB shortly after the verdict and says he is relieved, and this has been two years coming. He says he's not surprised, but is relieved and thankful for the jury's decision.

I left home this morning not knowing if I was going to go home this evening after the jury's verdict, said Bujak. I'm just incredibly thankful for the service of the jury, incredibly thankful for their verdict and looking forward to celebrating and spending time with friends and family tonight.

Special Prosecutor Bill Thompson issued a statement: From the outset when we determined that charges needed to be filed, we wanted the people of Canyon County to make a decision in this case. We appreciate the efforts of the jurors and the jury representatives of the people of Canyon County have spoken.

There is another case against Bujak related to this one, accusing him of falsifying evidence. That case has been scheduled to go to trial on Sept. 30.

Current Canyon County Commissioners have not responded to requests for comment; however former Commissioner David Ferdinand, who was in office during Bujak's employment, said: I know what he did. I was there. I know what the truth is, and I'm appalled. Obviously the jury has spoken.

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