MERIDIAN -- Wednesday's storm winds caused thousands of dollars in damage for a local rodeo grounds.

A heap of twisted bleachers and a destroyed announcer's stand now greet visitors to the Meridian Lions Rodeo, just off Cherry Lane and McDermott Road.

Rodeo officials say the destructive winds actually picked up a 40-foot long announcer's stand and knocked it off its footings.

Rodeo president Doug Beehler says there's no estimate yet on how much total damage was done.

However, Beehler did say the rodeo's grandstand bleachers were blown about 50 feet away from their original location. Those bleachers were valued at $50,000.

Beehler says the rodeo grounds have never experienced damage on this scale.

The only thing we've ever had was shingles ripped off the roof, Beehler said.

The Meridian Lions Rodeo is the major fundraiser for the Meridian Lions Club, a service and charity organization.

The club is set to meet at 10 a.m. on Saturday to help clean up and assess the damage.

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