BOISE -- It's been ten years since Natalie Marti's husband and baby girl were killed by a drunk driver. And in that time, Marti has courageously dedicated her life to stopping drunk driving.

On February 27th, 2003, the Marti family was driving on the interstate when a drunk driver, going the wrong way, slammed head-on into the family's car. Shawn Marti and the couple's 5-month-old daughter, Sage died in the crash. Natalie was severely injured, suffering from traumatic brain injury, various broken bones, and lacerations.

At the time, doctors didn't have much hope for her future.

They didn't think I was going to make it, but here I have made it, said Marti. My heart is broken, that will never go away. I have a picture on their headstone of the three of us together, of course it's very emotional to be there but it's great to have that place to go there and feel close to them, said Marti.

Today, she works as a public speaker, sharing her story and inspiring others to cherish every day.

One way she is doing that is through a Facebook page called Do It Now - In Memory of Shawn and Sage Marti.

Shawn was that kind of guy, said Marti. He was a do it now... he was not putting it off. Telling someone he loves them, that he forgives them, spending time with them. He had no idea life was going to be cut short because of someone else's choice. Sage was only five months old, she didn't get a chance to experience life. You don't know when your life is going to end, and make the most of it every day.

The Facebook page is inspiring hundreds of people to do it now, whatever that may be.

There's been a lot of people reaching out to people that they should have and have been wanting to, said Marti. When we don't put those things off, when we do the things that we know we need to do, we'll only be grateful that we've done them.

But that's not all she's doing, Marti is now working to change Idaho's drunk driving laws. I think if it was against the law to drink and drive period, my family would still be alive. My goal, and what I am in pursuit of, is a ZERO tolerance policy.

Every year on the anniversary of the crash, Natalie visits the cemetery where Shawn and Sage are buried together.

Being able to feel them with me has really helped me not go to that lonely state that would be so easy to go to, she said. I just feel like I have these cheerleaders on the other side. They are still able to affect so many lives through me, we are still this family unit doing it together.

Marti says she won't give up on her quest to end drunk driving.

I don't want other people to have to feel this. If I can be a representative of my family to spread the word, not to drink and drive. I'll take any chance I can get.

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