MERIDIAN -- The Ada County Highway District is working on an $8 million project on Meridian Road.

The Meridian Split Corridor project will add a cross-over roadway, widen the road to five-lanes, fix intersections, and install new Meridian Public Works water and sewer lines. Even though work started in October 2012, some folks in the area are anxious to see it end.

Kim Franklin has lived off Meridian Road for the last several months. He said the workers for the Meridian Split Corridor Project have been nice, but it's a pain.

It's been horrid. I mean like the vehicles are constantly dirty, it's just a pain in the butt. It's just a mud hole, said Franklin.

Franklin said the construction is not just causing problems on his street; it's causing problems in the whole area.

Constant traffic...I mean the traffic has doubled if not tripled. And like I said, people come here and park and go to the barber shop across the street, he said.

Lane McCallister has lived across Meridian Road for the last seven years, and sees many of the same problems with traffic since construction started.

The driving, trying to commute around to the busy roads is been not fun. We have to go all the way down to fourth and up Pine and they close Pine for a while, and down Cherry Lane, Fairview, the traffic is hideous, said McCallister.

She said she knew Meridian Road needed a face-lift.

It's a very busy, busy road and I know it needs to be repaired and widened. It didn't have any sidewalks so it made it very difficult to walk on.

However, she says she's managing, and it will be worth it when it's all done.

I love this area; I love Meridian. I wouldn't move anywhere else, she said.

Construction started in late October 2012 and is scheduled for completion this October. However, the contract gives the general contractor a bonus for finishing early.

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