AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. --A woman who accidentally fired a gun at Taco Bell on Tuesday afternoon may be charged with a misdemeanor.

The Airway Heights Police Department responded to the restaurant along State Route 2 around 2:30 p.m.

Police said two women were sitting at a table inside the restaurant when one of them removed her handgun, and put it on the table to show her friend that she was having a cleaning issue.

The woman removed the magazine and pulled back the slide to reveal the chamber. The slide slipped and the gun discharged. A single round hit their table, ricocheted off the floor and into the ceiling.

Nobody was hurt.

The woman, who has a concealed weapons permit, was cooperative with police. She faces a misdemeanor Gross Endangerment charge. Police did not identify the type of hand gun, and said they will keepit until a decision is made in court.

No other customers were in the restaurant at the time of the shooting.

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