COLVILLE, Wash. -- The mother of a 10-year-old girl who was on two classmates hit list, said the school is not doing enough to communicate about what happened and how to move forward.

Stevens County prosecutors said two boys brought a knife, gun, and ammunition to Fort Colville Elementary School with plans to kill and/or hurt their classmates.

The boys are charged with conspiring to commit murder after a 4th grader spotted a knife on the bus, and told teachers who caught the boys and their weapons.

The pair admitted they were going to kill a fellow classmate, and hurt six others.

One mother of one of the intended victims said she has been left in the dark about what happened. Instead of receiving information from the school district, she said she has had to rely on media reports and other parents to tell her what is going on.

The woman, who asked to not be identified, said he school needs to add more security and make a commitment to keep parents in the know.

She is keeping the details from her daughter because she does not want her to be scared.

A school counselor is available to students, and there was an all-community meeting last weekend.

Administrators admit nothing has been done to bring together the parents of the seven students in the attack.

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