BOISE -- After a yearlong ordeal, a Nampa family has finally been able to bring their adopted son home from Russia. On Valentine's Day, 4-year-old Gabriel finally arrived at the Boise Airport.

His adoptive mother, Becky Preece, spent the last month in Russia desperately trying to bring Gabriel home with her to the United States. Her husband, Brian Preece, was also in Russia for a time before he needed to come home to care for their other children.

The Russian government recently banned Americans from adopting from the country, and it took a Moscow Supreme Court action to clear the Preeces to bring their son home.

Gabriel quickly bonded with his brothers and sisters right in the airport lobby.

Now to see them together is just, it's so wonderful. I can see that they're going to have a lot of fun together, Becky Preece said.

Gabriel has Down syndrome, and the Preeces say children with special needs are in a dire situation in Russia with an extreme lack of programs.

They say other children with Down syndrome don't get to go to school or have programs like Medicaid, so many are orphaned. Becky says while staying in the country fighting to bring Gabriel home, the people were very friendly and supportive of the adoption.

In fact every person that we talked to there was really upset about this adoption ban, and knew that these children needed homes even outside their own country because they're not accepted in society there, Preece said.

The Preeces were in Russia with 51 other families also trying to complete adoptions, and they hope their success story will help convince the Russian government to allow other families to adopt.

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