BOISE -- Gov. Butch Otter appointed Joan Hurlock to the Idaho Fish and Game Commission last year. Wednesday, she faced the Resources and Environment Committee, as they decided whether to confirm the governor's nomination. Hurlock would be the second female IDFG commissioner.

After some discussion, the committee voted on whether to recommend Hurlock to the Legislature. Four members voted for Hurlock, five voted against, one member passed. Those against argued that she is inexperienced, not an Idaho native (she grew up in California), and other candidates who applied are better qualified. They also said she lacks hunting experience.

Sen. John Tippets from Bear Lake was one of the four who voted to recommend Hurlock.

I know that some of the folks opposing Ms. Hurlock's confirmation say that she's not the most qualified applicant that they had. Well, in my mind, it's not our job to determine whether she was the most qualified applicant, said Tippets. I frankly was impressed with Ms. Hurlock's qualifications.

The committee decided not to recommend Hurlock, but the Senate will have to vote on it before that would become official.

The most tenured member of the Senate, Sen. Dean Cameron of Rupert, voted no on recommending Hurlock.

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