BOISE -- A Boise man assaulted and pointed a handgun in the face of a licensed door-to-door salesman at a Boise home on Thursday, according to police.

Officers say 26-year-old George S. Silva pointed a handgun at the salesman, yelled at him, and made threats against his life when the salesman knocked at the door of his Boise home near the 10000 block of West Susan Street.

What's more, police say when the salesman tried to leave, Silva reportedly came out of his home and physically grabbed the man, while continuing to point the gun is his face and make threats.

A co-worker of the salesman apparently heard the altercation, and quickly approached the two men. Officers say that's when Silva went back inside his home.

Police who responded to the situation set up a perimeter for public protection, and eventually arrested Silva.

They say a handgun was found inside his home.

Silva was charged with felony aggravated assault, and booked at the Ada County Jail.

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