BOISE -- Many spent Monday remembering and honoring Martin Luther King Jr., and his message.

Hundreds marched from Boise State University to the statehouse to celebrate the civil rights leader.

The long line of marchers started on University Drive and included hundreds from different walks of life.

As they marched, they chanted, racism has got to go.

They carried signs and flags, and some even carried their children.

Ashley Hammond told us, You know it's about equality and fighting for other people's rights and if we don't do it, she's going to have these problems in the future, and we are doing it for her future too.

While some focused on the next generation, others looked back to the generation before.

Leta Neustaedter says, I'm always out here showing my respect for all the African -Americans who struggled for all the rights that I take for granted every day.

Some walked alone, while others walked with their families.

Johanna Butler says, We believe in equality and respect for all human kind, and that's something we want to share with and teach our children.

For about a mile, they marched on.

They walked up Capitol Boulevard, with the statehouse in view.

That is where many held signs pushing for different rights, and waved flags for different reasons.

Many told us they were there to celebrate one man's push for equality.

Jack Owens added, I think it's important that periodically we sort of renew our concentration on the values that Dr. King stood for, and make sure we are still pushing to get those things done in America.

After today's march, several speakers addressed the crowd at the steps of the statehouse.

The cold weather certainly not keeping hundreds from celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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