BOISE-- District officials say classes at MeridianMiddle School have been canceled for the remainder of Tuesday after a gas leak, and the resulting loss of heat forced students and staff out of classrooms at approximately 10:30 a.m.

District Spokesman Eric Exline said children had gathered in the school's auditorium after officials shut off the gas supply to all classrooms and various buildings on campus.

Exline says parents are encouraged to pick up students as soon as possible. Some students may be allowed to walk home. He also says that there will be classes on Wednesday.

Here's a statement sent out to parents in email:

Meridian Middle School Parents:

This is Eric Exline, Communication Director for the school district. Because of lack of heat at Meridian Middle School, we are asking parents to come and pick up their student as soon as possible. The heat at the school was shut off after a gas leak was detected, requiring the gas line to be shut.

We will dismiss students who walk home accept any children who have concerns about being able to get into their house.

All other students are being supervised in the school auditorium until parents arrive. Please come to either the north parking lot, the parking lot in front of the school, or the tennis court turn around to pick up your child. Meridian Middle School staff will be there to get your student s name and radio in to have your child come out and meet you.

We realize that you may not be able to come immediately. We will keep students safe in the auditorium, and will send out another message soon to let you know how we will get students home who are not able to be picked up.

Please be patient if you try and call the school, as there are limited incoming phone lines.

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