BOISE -- You don't have to be outside long to know it's cold. For some people it's a struggle to stay warm. A senior living facility in Boise is trying to give folks a little relief from the cold.

We have cookies and coffee and tea all set up downstairs for anybody who wants to come in and have a nice warm, safe place, said Bonaventure Place activity director, Sharleen Hughes.

For seniors, like the residents at Bonaventure place, the winter is even tougher.

We need to be a lot more cautious about any type of weather change, said Hughes. Of course seniors have a little harder time with the cold, so we want to make sure they have someplace to go.

They also have to be extra careful to de-ice and shovel the sidewalks to keep people from slipping and falling. But the warming station is not just for seniors.

You know I've never seen anybody turned away honestly, Hughes said. I think anybody who wanted to come in. The residents here love to have new people to talk to, and that's their favorite place to hang out.

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