BOISE -- Trying to keep the roads cleared on a day like the one Monday proved to be a challenge for the Ada County Highway District.

When you have this much snow on the road, the de-icer really doesn't function very well, said Christine Myron, Spokeswoman for ACHD. So this point in time our main defense is to put down that sand that's mixed with some salt to try and break up and keep it loose.

Myron says the problem for ACHD was the accumulation. The snow kept coming on Monday, which never allowed for a break to clear off the secondary, less-traveled roads.

The priority, as it always is, is hitting those big roadways, those main heavily traveled roadways and intersections, hills, overpasses, near schools and hospitals, said Myron. So we've been really trying to keep up with that.

ACHD says it had at least 13 plows out during the day, and sand trucks continued to refill with sand and salt at ACHD headquarters on Adams Street in Boise for much of the day.

We do have plows. It's a myth that we don't plow, that we don't, said Myron. But with plowing comes a set of complications. It does block driveways and then we get calls from people who say they can't get out of their driveway or maybe a business customers can't get in and out safely.

ACHD says its plan is to finish clearing the county's main roadways overnight and start working on the secondary ones so that Tuesday's morning commute is as safe as possible.

Working those two crews, long days, and certainly keeping them out, keeping all pieces of equipment out, said Myron.

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