ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- Idaho Republican Senator Mike Crapo is seeking forgiveness from his faith, his family and his constituents for driving while intoxicated.

I offer my apologies, I ask for your forgiveness for my recent failings and I make a firm commitment that I will strive to regain the trust again, said Crapo.

Crapo was arrested early in the morning of December 23rd after he ran a red light in Virginia. He appeared in a Virginia courtroom Friday to learn his sentence and take responsibility for his actions.

As a life-long member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Crapo claimed to have lived an alcohol-free life. He admitted today that that all changed less than a year ago, when the stress on Capitol Hill became too much.

As a public servant, I owe Idahoans a full and accurate explanation of my failings, said Crapo.

Standing outside a Virginia courthouse, Crapo made his sins public.

I'm embarrassed to have to admit publically that I failed. It's difficult, said Crapo.

Here's his confession.

In recent months, and for less than a year, I have on occasion had alcoholic drinks in my apartment in Washington, D.C. said Crapo.

On the night of Saturday, December 22nd, Crapo admitted to having two to three drinks of vodka and tonic water before going on a 30- to 45-minute drive. During the drive Crapo said he realized it was a mistake for him to be driving. That's when he decided to go home.

It was at that time that the police pulled me over, said Crapo. As has been publicly reported, I cooperated fully with the officer. I failed the field sobriety tests administered.

Crapo called his actions, a poor choice, and one that's at odds with his religious beliefs.

My mistake in using alcohol in recent months has therefore brought additional embarrassment and shame to me, my family and other church members who care about me, said Crapo. I will carry through on the appropriate measures for forgiveness and repentance in my church, and I ask all of you for your forgiveness.

Answering questions to reporters, Crapo said this in response to how his constituents should view what he did.

I have to believe it will cause them to be disappointed in my conduct, and I don't blame them, I'm disappointed in my conduct. I'm embarrassed, and I'm apologetic, said Crapo.

Crapo said that no one on his staff or his family knew about his drinking, since he would always drink alone and always in his apartment.

As for his political future, his term is up in four years. He says he fully intends to run again as long as there are no family and health concerns. He wants to continue to contribute in the U.S. Senate.

As part of Crapo's guilty plea he was fined $250. His driver's license is suspended for 12 months, and he'll be required to take a 10-week alcohol safety program. Crapo says he intends to comply fully with the court's decision.

As for getting to work, Crapo says he ll walk, take a cab or make other arrangements to fulfill his Senate duties.

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