BOISE -- January's cold snap continues, and while many workers in the Treasure Valley stay warm inside area offices, others work outside all day because it's a necessity.

The recent freezing temperatures are causing some jobs to be even more difficult.From clearing Idaho's roads to maintaining the state's power grid, these workers are toiling in low temps.


As you drive safely on our county's winter roads, you might not be thinking about the maintenance crews that were up as you slept, making sure the streets were clear of snow and ice.

Some workers at the Ada County Highway Department get in as early as 1 a.m. to re-treat every road. They use sand, salt, and de-icer to clear your path in freezing temperatures.

Superintendent of Maintenance Randy Noble says, We have a cold snap in here right now that is colder than normal -- yeah, when it's single digits it's getting cold.

Noble says his crews don't complain about the cold, instead, they take pride in the cleared pavement. Our crews aren't happy unless they've covered their routes and they know we have them safe, says Noble.


Keeping you safe and warm is important for Idaho Power crews as well as.

Foreman Troy Butler says the freezing temperatures tear up underground cables and cause collisions near transformers.

He says his crews are working out in the elements to keep your power on. If you're up in McCall in the snow covered areas, if lines are down and you are snowshoeing in, or cat tracking in, it can be a little harder work, says Butler.

Butler says their crews don't complain either, they just come in ready to handle the day's work, no matter what kind of weather they face. We all have good supply clothes in the trucks, layer clothes well, keep water in case you get dehydrated. If it does get cold, your fingers get cold, take a break.

Both road crews and power workers say they suspect they'll be busy throughout the 2012 - 2013 winter.

Ada County's Highway Department says they'll continue having to re-treat the roads around the clock as long as the temperatures stay below freezing.

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