BOISE -- The new year brought freezing temperatures to the Treasure Valley, and the winter weather is wreaking havoc on many homes.

A local disaster response team tells us they're already busy responding to busted pipes and water leaks.

They say there are some easy steps you can take now to keep your home protected.

Brandon Wright with UltraCleanPro says, It's very easy for ice to expand these and break, and once they break, when it thaws out you will have a constant water stream, it will not shut off until you shut it off.

He says as soon as the temperatures drop, and stay low, the calls start coming in. We're seeing a lot of frozen pipes, which, if you don't catch that, is going to create multiple issues with water damage which is very costly.

He says when the weather is this cold for this long, your home simply can't thaw out. We have lots of cold air, temperatures that are extremely low, they stay below freezing during the day which doesn't allow your house to breath that much.

Wright explains the most important things to remember are to keep water and ice out and keep heat in.

Wright even uses a thermal imaging camera to track where the cold temperatures are leaking into homes.

He says checking your main heat source can make a big difference when it comes to protecting your home. Number one, you have to make sure your furnace is working, those technicians are busy and if it breaks down they won't get to you, and if you don't have heat to the home everything is going to freeze.

You can find more tips for protecting your home from winter weather here.

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