EAGLE -- Helping someone she's never met was just one reason Chaise Goris decided to cut her hair. The main reason though, is a little more personal.

With hair down to the middle of her back, the Eagle High School student had 10 inches cut off for the Locks of Love program, which provides hairpieces to people who have lost their hair due to illness.

Chaise has always been known for having this long pretty hair, and she is willing to be known for something else now other than her hair, said the teen's mom, Trudy Goris.

But her reason to give goes beyond helping someone she's never met.

Chaise decided to donate to Locks of Love after a fellow classmate died following a car crash earlier this month.

Shauna Hill's death more than a week after the Dec. 10th accident on Highway 16 deeply affected Chaise.

The night of the funeral, she came home and said, 'Mom, her parents donated her heart. I have to donate my hair, I have to do it. I have to be able to do something,' said Trudy Goris.

Inside the Two River's Salon in Eagle Saturday Chaise said being able help someone is important to her.

I feel like it's a large donation for me, because it's what I can do to help somebody, to give them back their dignity, for somebody who has lost their hair and give them hope for life, she said.

As a parent, Trudy Goris is proud of her daughter.

No donation is too small for anything, and anything somebody can do, they're going to feel great about what they did for somebody, whether you know them, whether you don't know them, and I'm excited that I have a little girl that did that for somebody, said Trudy.

Chaise wants to challenge other girls with long hair, especially at Eagle High, to cut their hair and donate it to Locks of Love as well - all in memory of Shauna Hill.

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