CALDWELL -- A ten-year-old girl received a Christmas gift most kids only dream of -- her very own pony delivered by Santa himself on Christmas Day.

There's a special reason Amerika Heredia-Garcia received the gift.

Heridia-Garcia was born with a serious vision condition that left her legally blind in one eye. She's been struggling through vision problems since she was just four months old. She's also had nearly 30 surgeries.

However, Amerika was able to see exactly what she wanted for Christmas show up at her front door on Tuesday.

18-year-old Baby is a Shetland pony that provides joy to those who need it.

With a bow around her neck, and Santa by her side, she brought that joy to 10-year-old Amerika on Tuesday.

Amerika had no idea when Santa showed up that he was bringing the very thing she'd always dreamed of. She says it's all she wanted this year for Christmas.

And she got exactly what she wanted -- her very own pony. It's all thanks to the Personal Ponies program.

Heredia-Garcia tells us, I always wanted to take care of one and see what it was like to have a pony.

It's a wish her mother dreamed for as well.

Cheryl Garcia says Baby will be a special friend for her daughter -- who's had to deal with 27 eye operations.

She tells us Amerika was born with congenital glaucoma, and has been battling blindness ever since.

She still suffers from vision issues, but is able to see.

Now, Heredia-Garcia's family hopes Baby will bring a new sense of self esteem for Amerika. Cheryl Garcia says, Just really exciting hoping, the hope of what Baby will do for her, to improve her future all together.

Amerika is already proud of her precious pony, and grateful for the gift. Thank you and a Merry Christmas.

Baby will live in Amerika's backyard.

Home Depot is also helping out, supplying the materials and even building a shelter for the pony.

Baby will live with the family as long as they need it.

Personal Ponies is non-profit based in Nampa.

They provide the ponies free of charge for families with adults or children with special needs.

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