BOISE -- Some people took a little time on the holiday to give to others today.

Ada County Paramedics partnered with BSU Athletics and Silver Sage Girl Scouts to host a toy drive last week.

Today, the paramedics along with scouts Jamie, Abby, Hannah and Vivian delivered toys to hospitalized kids on the pediatric floor at St. Luke's in downtown Boise. This is their sixth year doing this.

We are not just there when you need us, when you call 911 - we like to be around all year long, and in this instance put a smile on kid's faces at Christmas, said Rachel Satterwhite, Ada County Paramedics. I feel like I am able to help people every day in my job, but when I am able to do something a little extra it just makes me feel good.

One of the recipients was one-year-old Andrew. His grandmother Diana Villanueva told us what it means to families to receive these gifts from the young Girl Scouts.

I commend them for being so into helping others at such a young age, and making a difference in little babies lives and little kids lives, and just caring and loving and wanting to make people feel good at such a young age. That's just remarkable. It's awesome, said Villanueva. It feels like Christmas in here, which is kind of odd being in the situation that we're in. Just very grateful, very thankful. really makes your day, makes you forget about all underlying and just have a better day, better moment, and it sure made Andrew happy.

The toy drive was so successful this year that they donated the remaining toys to the Women's and Children's Alliance.

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