NAMPA -- The Nampa School Board of Trustees met again Wednesday night, trying to find a way to make up for the district's $4.3 million shortfall.

The hot topic of the night was voluntary teacher furlough days, or days off without pay. Administrators say the move could save the district a significant amount of cash.

The good news was that over 53 percent of the district's teachers have volunteered to take furlough days, and 100 percent of the administration has volunteered to take at least four to six furlough days.

However, one teacher was emotional as she talked about how much teachers and students are already sacrificing, and that she wishes more could be done in the community.

I teach at the alternative school with the kids who struggle every day in the traditional school. To take days from them, whether personal days or workdays or collaboration days, will kill them, said Nampa Teacher Sara Holloway.

Other school district business was also discussed at the meeting. The board split on a three-two vote to approve looking into outsourcing food and custodial service. Board members did stress that those possible contracts would mean current employees would keep their jobs.

The board also approved moving forward with an effort to get a loan to cover the entire deficit, but it is still working to get judicial approval on that.

Finally, the Nampa School Board did move forward with the needed paperwork to put a supplemental levy on the March ballot. If the district gets the loan, it will not need the levy.

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