BOISE -- Parents, children and staff gathered today to pray a local church. The folks at St. Mary's in Boise hosted a Rosary Friday afternoon. Kids the same age as the ones at Sandy Hook Elementary prayed for those kids, and everyone affected by this shooting.

Before the praying, Father Faucher told the children what happened and answered their questions. Father Faucher told the kids that while they were at Mass this morning, something terrible happened in Connecticut. About 25 parents came to join their children. The prayers were led by the eighth graders. After the Mass, we spoke with the Father about the incident.

I guess I'm more affected by a school or by a church, a temple, simply because it just seems so fundamentally wrong, he said. Whenever these kinds of things happen because it is just a combination of evil, and yet you know that there's got to be some insanity involved at the same time.

St. Mary's Principal, Mary Ann White, was the principal of a school near Sandy Hook. That was about 10 years ago. But Father Faucher says this is having a big impact on her.

Bishop Kelly and Sacred Heart also did the Rosary at the same time as St. Mary's.

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