BOISE-- Authorities say a train and a semitrailer collided near the Stage Stop gas station and cafe approximately 20 miles southeast ofBoise.

The call came in at 9:32 a.m. Wednesday, according to AdaCounty Dispatch.

AdaCounty Sheriff's deputies report the accident happened two miles south of the Stage Stop on South Orchard Access Road.

Captain Scott Johnson says that's where a parallel set of railroad tracks allow trains traveling in opposite directions to pass each other.

Johnson says its likely that the truck driver saw a train stopped on the tracks, but didn't realize another train was currently passing it.

I think he simply didn't see the train coming, Johnson said.

Johnson says the driver of semitrailer suffered minor injuries in the resulting crash, which damaged the truck's empty trailer.

There's no word of the damage sustained by the freight train, if any.

Ada County Sheriff's deputies, local paramedics, and Boise Police responded to the accident.

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