MERIDIAN -- Meridian-based company, Scentsy, has laid off 19 people.

Scentsy's Chief Human Resource Officer, Jennifer Pugh, said that this number represents 1.7 percent of Scentsy's total employment of 1,109 employees.

As part of reorganizing a portion of our workforce, Scentsy identified a few roles no longer required, said Pugh in a written statement. Where we could, we found new positions for the people affected.

The employees affected received severance packages and outplacement services to help them find new employment.

When KTVB spoke with Scentsy in February, the company was on track to be a billion dollar a year company in the next few years. They said they know that kind of success will be hard to maintain and that re-inventing the company is a big goal. The owners also said they want to keep people working right here in the Treasure Valley.

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