BOISE -- Thanksgiving's big meal is on many people's minds, especially those who will be celebrating with a lot less this holiday. Many victims of Superstorm Sandy are still without a home or a hot meal.

But several Idahoans are in New York to help make the victims' holiday better.

Louise and Terry Nagel of Boise say they've gotten the call from Red Cross to help out with other natural disasters. But they say in many ways, this one is the worst.

Louise tells us there is no place she would rather spend Thanksgiving than in the still devastated area of Far Rockaway, New York.

Throughout Far Rockaway families are picking up turkeys for their Thanksgiving meal from volunteers instead of grocery stores. They're getting help from volunteers like Terry and Louise Nagel.

The Nagels say each turkey they give out brings in a smile. It's very emotional, to see their faces, it's very emotional to be handing, to be putting them in their hands, said Louise Nagel.

Louise tells us she and her husband have been working at the Disaster Response Center. They have been giving advice and offering services to those left with nothing after Superstorm Sandy.

The problems coming into us now versus two weeks ago are more complicated, they are going to need help for a long, long time, said Louise Nagel.

Nearly a month after the storm hit, Louise says temporary housing is now running out, and the victims' patience is running low.

But she says everyone is grateful for what they're given. They are not coming to beg for stuff, they are so honest, it's um, you can tell by my not coming up with words very well how special it is.

Louise says the storm's destruction is unbelievable, This is in many ways the worst storm that's ever been in the United States.

She feels thankful to be thousands of miles away from home but close to those needing something to be thankful for. I can't think of a better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than to be here.

The Red Cross tells us 13 volunteers from Idaho traveled to the East Coast to help out in storm's aftermath.

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