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BOISE -- Even Treasure Valley animals got involved in Black Friday deals, with dozens of dogs and cats going to new homes thanks to special discounts.

Between just two shelters, adoption numbers were nearing 100 total around 4:00 Friday afternoon, and more are expected to go out throughout the weekend.

We've been busy almost all day, Melanie Larson, Idaho Humane Society Volunteer Director, said. We've had a great day, a great Black Friday. We offered 50% off of our adoption fees the first four hours of the day, and then 25% off the second four hours of the day.

Dozens of families took home new pets, at a rate much higher than a normal day.

We've adopted out 47 animals so far today, and there's still more in line, Larson said. Average adoption is between probably about 10 and 15.

At the Canyon County Animal Shelter, volunteers and employees found families waiting at the doors when they arrived to work. By around 3:00 in the afternoon, they were seeing big adoption numbers too.

So far, 22 dogs and 5 cats. Typically by this time of day, we'd probably do about 10, Canyon County Animal Shelter Executive Director Barb Hutchinson said. We have a deal going on today through Sunday, and it is Black Friday. All black dogs are reduced down to $25 and then we also have black cats, and we have a special price on those too.

The shelter says black dogs and cats often are overlooked, and a Black Friday special is an obvious way to bring attention to them.

I think people like to get a bargain, and it doesn't have to be just on toys and electronics, Hutchinson said.

As a matter of fact, after seeing a crowd waiting before opening, the shelter is considering following the lead of the toy and electronics stores even more closely next year.

We didn't open early this time, but I'm thinking maybe next year we'll try that. Opening earlier and having door buster specials or something! Hutchinson said.

The Canyon County Animal Shelter deal runs through Sunday. Black dogs are $19 and black cats are $5. Other colored pets are also discounted. The shelter is open Mondays through Saturdays 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Sundays 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at 5801 Graye Lane in Caldwell. Their phone number is 208-455-5920.

The Idaho Humane Society adopted out 62 animals Friday. The shelter plans to run another deal in mid-December. The Idaho Humane Society is located at 4775 Dorman Street in Boise.

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