MURPHY, Idaho -- The disturbing death of a two-year-old little girl brings a first-degree murder charge against her mother, 29-year-old Veronica Herrera.

Details of the case are graphic. It's a story we've been following since August, when the young victim was found dead and her body burned.

Veronica Herrera was visibly upset in an Owyhee County courtroom Tuesday and even cried as prosecutors brought six more criminal charges against her, including murder.

Veronica's mother, Robyn Herrera, tells us she does feel regret, but others say she deserves justice.

Outside the family home in Homedale is a picture of two-year-old Nakita that is surrounding by flowers, a memorial for the young girl.

Prosecutors say Nakita was abused over and over again, tortured, even killed, by her own mother, who then her body burned for several days to cover up the crime.

When you have a continued course of conduct that results in torture, and a death follows in that course, there is a basis for the charge of first-degree murder, said Owyhee County Prosecutor Doug Emery.

After the arraignment, we talked to Robyn Herrera about the death of her grandchild and the charges against her daughter.

With God's help, I ask him to help me every day, make it that the truth comes out and she gets the appropriate sentence, cried Robyn Herrera.

Robyn Herrera admits her daughter did try to cover Nakita's death by burning her body, but claims she did not commit murder. She says Nakita had a medical condition that caused the injury that took her life.

I think her daughter had, like my mom, has epileptic seizures, and I think the little girl had that and I think she fell down, and had one of them and just didn't come back, said Robyn Herrera.

Robyn says Veronica truly regrets what happened and had been trying to become a better mother.

She worked hard to get off drugs, she really did love them because she did try, and she did stay clean for a long time afterwards, said Robyn Herrera.

Herrera is also charged with failing to report her daughter's death, destruction of evidence, and four counts of injury to a child.

As for her other five children, some are now staying with their grandmother and some are living with other family members.

Herrera is due back in court on Dec. 14 for a preliminary hearing.

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