BOISE -- On Monday, another lawsuit filed against the county regarding the Dynamis waste-to-energy project. The newly filed lawsuit specifically names the Board of Ada County Commissioners.

At issue is whether Ada County Commissioners followed proper procedure at a meeting last month. The Idaho Conservation League is suing the Board of Commissioners and asking the court to examine two specific decisions.

First, the decision to create an industrial park for the purpose of Dynamis, and second, the decision to lease ten acres of landfill property to the company.

We don't believe that Dynamis is a qualifying facility for an industrial park, and we also don't believe that the lease amendment went through the public auction process like other county properties goes through, Courtney Washburn, Idaho Conservation League, said.
I think what we're hoping for is regardless of whether we oppose the project or not, that the decisions the county commission is making are appropriate and legal.

The Idaho Conservation League wants what's called a judicial review of the commission's actions, and if found inappropriate, the group wants the decisions reversed. The group also opposes the Dynamis project for other reasons, such as the particular technology to be used and environmental concerns, such as the potential for pollutants in the air.

As of Monday evening, commissioners were not aware of the newly filed lawsuit, so a spokesperson said they do not have a comment at this time.

Another non-profit group called Idaho Citizens for a Safe Environment and a Transparent Government filed another lawsuit almost two weeks ago. That group makes a number of claims and asks that all contracts and agreements between Dynamis and the county be canceled.

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