SEATTLE - New information is energizing the search for a missing teen. Kelsey Collins, 16, disappeared three years ago after testifying against a pimp, her body was never found.

Seattle Police say an informant that was with Collins the night of her disappearance claims she was dumped in a wooded area near the Jefferson Golf Course in Beacon Hill.

On Sunday, dozens of King County Search and Rescue volunteers searched the area.

We believe there s a good possibility she s here, said Fred Hill, a Captain with Seattle Police.

Katherine Miller, a volunteer, feels excitement every time a potential clue is found.

Maybe this is it, maybe we ll finally get our break, she said.

Miller spent hours helping with the search; it s her way of bringing comfort to a family overwhelmed with the unknown. She understands their grief.

I had a cousin go missing when he was 17, he was lost for 10 days, said Miller.

Although he was found 30 pounds lighter, her cousin survived.

The people that found him were hiking through downpour, the trail had been eroded away, Miller recalled.

Although under different circumstances, this is Miller s way of paying it forward.

Whatever piece of the puzzle to bring closure we can find, we re happy if we can do that, she said.

After more than eight hours of search, no traces of Collins were found.

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