NAMPA -- A 31-year-old woman is now charged with lewd conduct with a 15-year-old boy for what prosecutors say she did inside the juvenile detention center where she worked.

Canyon County prosecutors say Julie McCormick was a security worker and the victim was a minor serving time at the facility.

Prosecutors tell us it was a secretive relationship that took place inside the Department of Juvenile Corrections facility in Nampa. We're told McCormick was terminated as soon as the allegations came to light last summer.

Now investigators are looking into the inappropriate acts and whether there were any other young victims.

She had some sort of a role within the security and ensuring that the facility ran appropriately, as far as security, said deputy prosecuting attorney Erica Kallin.

Kallin tells us someone else inside the center noticed the teen in surveillance video, in areas he wasn't allowed in. It was a staff member or maybe even the superintendent of the facility, had received some information and some reports, she said.

Kallin says McCormick was meeting the boy inside her office, and the reports show they had sex three times. The intercourse, it appears did take place, according to the probable cause affidavit, in her office, while he was housed there, she said.

Kallin says this is not only a sensitive case, but a serious one. McCormick is charged with lewd conduct with a child under 16. She turned herself in to police.

What we have is a situation where it's something that happens in secret and it tends to stay in secret, and it wasn't something that the juvenile was the one that made the disclosure, Kallin said.

The affidavit went on to say that McCormick even had the 15-year-old's initials tattooed on her neck.

She has no previous criminal history.

McCormick is now being held on a $200,000 bond. She's due in court Friday afternoon.

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