BOISE -- Boise's airport director says Southwest Airlines will stop one of its popular direct flights in April.

Right now, two carriers have direct flights from Boise to Portland; however, that's about to change.

Southwest will no longer fly from Boise direct to Portland, starting next April. However, it's not the only flight they've cut recently. Last year Southwest also dropped direct flights to Reno and Salt Lake City.

Airport Director Rebecca Hupp said the service interruptions aren't because of an issue with the airport. Rather, Hupp says the issues are part of a larger, nationwide trend. Hupp said the demand for travel is down, and fuel prices are up, but people are also choosing to drive more, rather than fly.

Used to be that if people were going to go someplace 300 miles or less, they would most likely drive, and now we're seeing in leisure passengers that if it's a five or six hour drive, they will consider driving, said Hupp.

Hupp talked to route planners with Southwest Airlines Thursday about the airline's future in Boise. They told her they are committed to Boise and the feel overall that their flights are performing well. Southwest is Boise's leading carrier.

Hupp said Southwest made similar cuts in Spokane earlier this year.

Despite the changes, Southwest still offers direct flights from Boise to Denver, Spokane, and Las Vegas.

For those still wanting to fly to Portland, Boise will have non-stops to Portland five times a day on Alaska Airlines.

On Friday, Allegiant Air will kick off its nonstop flights between Boise and Las Vegas. Those flights will go out twice a week. Then in February, it will start nonstop flights to Hawaii.

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