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BOISE -- After months of bizarre twists, a high-profile murder trial is now underway in Boise.

43-year-old Rob Hall is accused of shooting and killing 30-year-old attorney Emmett Corrigan in the parking lot of a Meridian Walgreen's drug store in March of 2011.

Police say Hall became angry after learning his wife had met with Corrigan at the store, and then drove to the Walgreens to meet both Corrigan and his wife.

Police say that's when he subsequently shot and killed Corrigan after the two had an argument.

Hall is a former Ada County Sheriff's Office employee who worked in tech support.

His wife, Kandi, was the only witness to the fatal shooting.

In an unrelated case, Kandi Hall is accused of stealing thousand of dollars from her former employer -- a law office in Boise.

The jury selection for Hall's trial took place on Tuesday, October 9.

The opening statements from prosecuting and defense attorneys took place on Wednesday Oct. 10.

Kandi Hall took the stand on Oct. 11 and 12.

Corrigan's former wife testified on Monday, Oct. 15.

Forensic experts and police officers testified for the prosecution on Tuesday, Oct. 16.

After a day off, the jury started their Friday with an unusual look at evidence -- a trip to the actual crime scene. Detectives showed jury members what had happened in the parking lot Friday morning with crime tape and evidence flags.

Hall's defense called a forensic scientist to the stand on Monday. The scientist testified that at least one bullet that hit Corrigan's body also most likely grazed Hall's head.

Closing arguments wrapped up late Wednesday morning and the jury is now in deliberation.

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