GARDEN CITY -- Two men arrested on burglary charges over the weekend could provide answers for a local nonprofit that reported several large tents stolen two weeks ago.

Garden City Police arrested 19-year-old Jonathan Alvarez-Flores and 18-year-old Joseph Walworth Saturday afternoon. The pair is thought to have stolen dozens of items from several storage units in Garden City on or around September 29th.

Officers say the stolen property includes several large tents previously used by the Global Gardens food program during Boise's Saturday farmers market.

Global Gardens employs newly emigrated refugees to help grow and sell produce in Boise.

Detective Seargent Tom Patterson said both men admitted to stealing the tents when questioned, but said they likely didn't realize the tents belonged to a refugee organization.

Patterson also said Global Gardens probably won't get the stolen property back. That's because officers belive Alvarez-Flores and Walworth likely traded or sold the tents.

We weren't able to recover any of the property, Patterson said.

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