NAMPA -- Nampa Police released video from Monday, when an officer shot a dog. That shooting ignited lots of reaction but now the video is changing opinions - even the opinion of the dog owner.

It was taken by a small camera that officers wear all the time, and turn on when they're dealing with the public.

Nampa Police say they released the video of the shooting because there was a lot of public interest and to clear up what exactly happened.

The dog's owner, Anthony O'Hare, was inside when the his dog was shot.

KTVB showed him the video from the police for the first time today.

After seeing it, he says, the video doesn't match the story he heard about what happened.

O'Hare said, he doesn't blame the officer now, and wanted to apologize.

He also said, the whole incident was tragic, because his dogs are never outside without a leash -- but for some reason, that door was left open.

You can watch the video online by clicking the play button on the image above.

Mobile users should click the video tab to view the clip in KTVB's app.

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