BOISE -- World War II veterans and Morrison Knudsen employees who survived the battle in the South Pacific dedicated a new Wake Island flag.

The new flag commemorates the bravery of 250 Idahoans who fought against Japanese forces on Wake Island during World War II.

Five hours after the bombing Pearl Harbor, Japanese forces attacked where Morrison-Knudsen employees were building a naval air base.

Ninety-eight workers were forced into labor for the Japanese, and later executed.

Some say this event means a lot to Boise.

We are celebrating here in Boise, in part Boise's contribution to the great effort preparing for the war we all knew was coming, building military bases all across the pacific, says James Vance with the Veterans Affairs Regional Office.

Funding for the flag project was provided by the Boise Legacy Constructors Foundation formerly known as the Morrison-Knudsen Foundation.

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