BOISE -- An empty bench on 13th Street in Hyde Park is a sign someone is missing.

He was just always there, out front, just sitting and watching the people go by, said Leonise Yates who works down the street at Dunia.

Vincent Echevarria, was known to most as Vince. Hyde Park's famous barber walked outside his shop on Wednesday and fell to the ground.

I saw the ambulance and everything come up and then I knew instantly when I saw the ambulance and the fire department, I knew it was Vince. I just knew, said Andrea Trammell who works a few doors down from Vince's shop at the Euphoria Salon.

Vince died Wednesday at age 83. Trammel said she remembers laughing and chatting with Vince the day before he died.

Honestly, if there was any place that Vince would want to go, it would have been right there. That was his life, that was everything to him, so he's probably very happy right now, said Trammell.

Dave Martin knew Vince for more than 30 years. He owns the Sun Ray Cafe across the street from the barber shop.

Vinny was a crazy old Basque guy from the Basque country. He was brought over as a boxer. He was the champion of Spain, said Martin.

Martin told KTVB when Vince couldn't cut it as a boxer, he became a barber.

Almost 40 years he's been cutting hair over there, Martin said.

Scott Graves owns Parilla and co-owns the 13th Street Pub and Grill.

The funniest part about Vince's shop, how's it's changed over the years, was the price of the hair cuts. And the joke was always the rent has gone up when the price of the hair cut went up a dollar, said Graves.

Graves said a cut cost $5 back in 2000.

He was a very nice, tough, interesting guy. I liked him a lot, Graves said.

Vince was someone everyone knew, perhaps more for his personality than his hair cuts.

It's like having a friend disappear out of your life because he was always there, said Yates.

He's one of those people who sit quietly but makes a big impact, said Trammell.

He was definitely a big part of Hyde Park, said Graves.

He is certainly someone who will be missed.

He was a character, that's all I can say. He was a character. Not too many Vinnys out there, said Martin.

Hyde Park Books is compiling a memory book about Vince for the community. If you have a special story, write it down and bring it by their store.

The Ada County coroner said Vincent Echevarria died of natural causes.

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