NEWPLYMOUTH, Idaho -- It's dubbed Burning Man meets NASCAR -- the 10th annual Big Nasty is underway near New Plymouth.

Today, the youngsters got on their dirt bikes to compete on what's been called the toughest hill climb on earth.

Organizers say 702 entries competed last year, and even more are expected this year.

Nine-year-old Alyssa Bell of Middleton has been riding since she was three. This is her first time in the Big Nasty, and while she is a little nervous, she is confident in her abilities.

If I crash, I'm still going to get up and do it tommorow or the next day, said Alyssa.

Starting Saturday, riders will be trying to get up the 600-foot pro hill and the new 700-foot X-climb.

For a complete schedule click on the link on this page.

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