BOISE -- Garden City's mayor says a new nature path could cost upwards of a million dollars.

This comes in response to the Citizens for an Open Greenbelt initiative.

On Monday night, an independent party laid out the costs associated with turning the city's nature path into a bike path.

Mayor John Evans says it would be a costly transformation, at more than $1 million and he says voters should be aware.

So if the initiatives pass, there will be a consequence, and the voters need to know what that consequence is, Evans said.

But a group that has been around for years has also been fighting the city to open the path to bike riders, and wants the voters to decide.

Gary Segers with the Citizens for an Open Greenbelt says, It's another scare tactic. Simply that the city knows full well that it can provide a safe adequate bike riding along that path as it is.

Two initiatives will be placed on the ballot. One would appeal the ordinance that prohibits bike riding and the second would takes away any power of the city to make a decision on the bike path.

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