MIDDLETON -- A vocal group of Middleton residents is attempting to recall the town's newly-elected mayor. On Wednesday, the group filed a formal petition to recall Darin Taylor at the Canyon County Clerk's Office.

The group claims they have a 100-page document that shows Taylor's wrongdoings in office, including an alleged misuse of funds. Tyson Sparrow, the recall effort's co-chair, said the recall effort has taken six months to organize.

All the info we've spent six months gathering -- we put it out there so the people of Middleton could form their own opinion and decide whether or not they want to have a recall election for the current mayor, Sparrow said.

Mayor Taylor told KTVB he hasn't read the full document, and denies doing anything illegal.

If there's any alleged violation of the law or unethical conduct, then I'll deny that, because we've done everything above board and opened to anyone who would like to watch and participate, said Taylor.

If the clerk's office accepts the citizen petition, the group will have to gather enough valid signatures to get Mayor Taylor's recall on the ballot.

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