NAMPA -- Our mild winter has caused a summer time nuisance, flies.

Folks are talking all around the Treasure Valley about how they ve seen a big problem with flies this year, more so than previous years.

And the flies are only going to get worse in the next three to four weeks, said Zamzows Insect Expert Mike Stanton.

Stanton has been working for Zamzows for over 20 years. He says if there is something about an insect he doesn t know, he will find out.

Bug experts, like Stanton are confident that once the temperatures start to cool down a bit, so will the flies.

With cooler weather Stanton said flies tend to become sticky and hang around our windows and doors looking for a warmer place to rest.

Well, they are looking to breed and winter over, said Stanton.

The flies are a nuisance everywhere, but out in Nampa at the Mason Creek Dairy, flies are especially heavier than normal.

However, for dairy owner Glenn Vander Woude, when it comes to the flies, he has a common answer to give.

It s just part of life on the dairy, said Vander Woude.

Coming from a dairy background, Vander Woude said his grandparents also raised dairy cows in Holland. The Mason Creek Dairy is a family business.

My wife and I we started this place 13 years ago, he said.

He knows a thing or two about milking cows and the territory it comes with.

When it s hot and the nights don t cool off as much, then you kind of expect, hey we are going to have more flies, said Vander Woude.

I mean I had to hang up fly traps at my house, because they were so bad, said Stanton.

So Tuesday, Stanton listed off for us a variety of ways to get rid of the bugs.

We have got the no-pest strips, I have indoor fly spray, said Stanton. Fly strips or the ribbons.

And of course, every house could use a fly swatter or two.

We also learned that a fly swatter wouldn t help at the Mason Creek Dairy; there are too many flies to keep track of.

Vander Woude says they use foggers and call upon the Treasure Valley Fly Control to help and dairy workers even clean out the cow lots everyday to prevent a breeding ground for the flies.

I mean they are just a nuisance, he said.

The flies are a nuisance, even for the dairy cows.

You will see them (flies) come on their backs and you will see how they (cows) are swishing their tails to try and get them off, said Vander Woude.

Stanton also said another way to help with the flies is by using other bugs.

Many of us are afraid of spiders, but he reminds us to wait before killing a spider because you are scared of it. Spiders eat other bugs, including flies.

Stanton says flies are naturally dirty because they help things decompose.

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