FEATHERVILLE, Idaho-- Thursday morning it appeared the Trinity Ridge Fire would reach the town of Featherville within 24 hours.

But some good news today for firefighters and residents, that time table is being pushed by a day or two. Forest Service officials now say the Trinity Ridge Fire will likely reach town Saturday or Sunday. However, it all depends on the weather.

But no one there is taking any chances. After a community meeting Thursday, many homeowners told us they were headed home to pack and get ready to leave.

One of those homeowners happens to be Gov. Butch Otter. He and his wife Lori have a cabin in Featherville.

Our plans are to take some of the things out of the house and take them back down to the ranch, the things that are important to us, and the whole place is really important to us but we can't take the whole place, said Gov. Otter.

Homeowners aren't the only ones getting ready. Firefighters are in Featherville building a fire line around the town, they are also making sure the plants around homes are cut down and cleared out so the fire has less to burn.

Firefighters from all over the state came to town Thursday to help protect the homes. Crews from Emmett to Filer were helping out.

The Forest Service and Elmore County Sheriff's Office have been working together on an evacuation plan.

When the fire reaches a certain point people will start going door-to-door letting people know it is time to leave. Firefighters hope they'll be able to give them 12 hours to evacuate, but it could be less than that.

The fire has burned more than 69,000 acres and is only three percent contained.

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