BOISE -- Derek Daly just wrapped up a visit with family here in Boise and spoke to us over the phone shortly after arriving back in Colorado. Daly was born and raised in Boise. He's lived in Denver for the last four years. He flew back to Colorado Friday morning.

Daly was a student at the University of Denver. He graduated this spring and now works in Denver. He heard about the shooting on the news before boarding the plane in the morning. The first thing he did was call all his friends in the Denver area to make sure they were okay. He doesn't know anyone who was in the theater last night. But he said everyone is rallying around the victims.

Denver people are very similar to people in Boise, Daly said. I've lived here for about four years and gone to school here, and there's a big community feel and you can just see that with your friends and friends of people around you.

Daly said, like Boise, Denver seems to be a very safe city. He won't change the things he feels safe doing because of one random incident.

Everyone is just in shock, I would say, he said. It's a huge tragedy and we're just kind of waiting to hear back, to get the report of everything that's happened since.

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