BOISE -- Police officers say they were forced to deploy a taser on a 24-year-old Boise man dressed in a loin-cloth and headband who threatened a church employee with a samurai sword Thursday.

Boise police officers arrested 24-year-old Jeffrey S. Arnold II just after 8:45 Thursday morning near the 1600 block of W. Martha St.

They say Arnold had tried to enter a nearby church while wearing the large sword on his belt, and also carrying a dangerous looking dagger. When church staff tried to stop Arnold, he reportedly became agitated, and began physically threatening them.

Witnesses then called the police to report the situation.

Officers who responded to the scene say they ordered Arnold on the ground, but were forced to use a taser on him after he began unsheathing his sword.

Arnold was arrested and booked at the Ada County jail on felony assault charges and misdemeanor resisting and obstructing charges.

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