NEW YORK -- A California family who survived a plane crash in the Owyhee Mountains last month went on the Today Show Monday morning to talk about their near death experience.

Last month, Brian Brown, his wife, Jayann, and their daughter, Heather, were headed to Mountain Home to see their other daughter Tabatha, when they hit bad weather and their plane stalled near Silver City.

All of them survived the crash, but they were standed in a cold remote portion of the Owyhees.

Stranded for hours, the Browns huddled together in the darkness and freezing cold until the silence was broken by a cell phone call from Tabatha.

Once they realized they had cell phone reception, Heather called 911.

Rescuers with the national guard fought against white-out conditions, 6-foot snowdrifts and 60 degree slopes to reach the family and rescue them.

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