MOUNTAIN HOME -- Three small kittens survived Monday's wildfire in Mountain Home and are now recovering at a veterinary clinic in Mountain Home.

Two of the little guys were brought in on Tuesday and another Wednesday morning. The vet says they're suffering from burns, might have some infection on their lungs from smoke inhalation, and one has severely swollen paws.

Yet, all the kittens are eating now, and two are getting much more active.

No one has claimed the cats yet. But the animal shelter says they've gotten numerous calls about possibly adopting them or with donations to help pay for their care.

Carolyn Farmer found the kitten with swollen paws that was brought in on Wednesday.

She was walking in the burnt ashes near Airbase Road when she spotted the tiny, weak kitten. She says it was curled up alongside a home that miraculously hadn't burned during Monday's tragic brush fire.

I was walking where the fire was with a friend of mine and we just found it there, Farmer told KTVB.

Friends told Farmer the little animal was probably wild and had been meowing throughout the night. No one had been able to catch it.

Farmer, who works as clerk at the Mountain Home AFB hospital, was able to capture the frazzled feline. She immediately saw it had been severely burned, and was growing weak.

She knew she had to help, so she took it home.

I had to feed him with an eyedropper, Farmer said, explaining that the kitten couldn't feed itself, because its little whiskers had been burned off in the flames.

The eyelashes were completely gone; the whiskers were completely gone; the hair was matted and burnt to the skin, she said.

Farmer says he's a lucky cat. She named him Smokey.

That was also the name given to one of the cats brought in on Tuesday.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning, and Farmer knew more medical attention was required for brave young Smokey, so she brought him to the Mountain Home Animal Shelter.

I think he's going to come through -- I think he has a good chance, shelter supervisor Danile Ratigan told KTVB.


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