McCall -- The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) plans to enforce a newly-created carrying capacity for the Payette Lake's popular North Beach in Ponderosa State Park.

A one-thousand person maximum will now be allowed on North Beach at any one time throughout the year.

State officials remind those who plan to use the beach over the 4th of July weekend that the new beach capacity will be enforced, and visitors will be turned back once that capacity is reached.

There's really only one time we have a concern, and that's the fourth of July weekend, said Jennifer Okerlund, Communications Manager for the Idaho Dept. of Parks and Recreation.

Okerlund said medical emergencies, crime, and the welfare of wildlife are among the state's various concerns.

Officials say the limit is designed to protect the natural resources on and around the beach, and to ensure the health and safety of visitors.

Additional information on Idaho's State Parks and Recreation Programs can be found here.

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