BOISE -- The Exergy general manager says Kristin Armstrong's surgery went very well. Her injury was a clean break. She's had a quick snack and is feeling well.

Armstrong suffered a broken left collar bone in a crash during Thursday evening's Exergy Tour in Boise.

That means Kristin Armstrong will not be competing in the remainder of the 2012 Exergy Tour.

Joe Savola, the Olympic champion's husband, tells KTVB that Kristin had surgery Friday morning to put pins in her collar bone, and that he's positive that she will make a comeback to the sport she has dominated for the past decade. Savola says Armstrong will be back on a training bike as soon as she can tolerate the pain.

Armstrong crashed at the race's U-turn near the Boise Depot. The spill happened at approximately 8:15 p.m. As she took the sharp corner during the time trial, Armstrong's front wheel gave out sending her shoulder-first into the ground. Armstrong immediately got back on her bike, and finished the race in 4':17'':00'''. She was clutching her shoulder as she crossed the finish line.

Afterwards, Armstrong was rushed to the Team Exergy Twenty12 tent, where teammates surrounded her while medics treated her. The team's director told KTVB Armstrong went to the hospital for X-rays.

As for her widely expected appearance in the 2012 London Olympics, Savola says he's hopeful that his Kristin's 2012 season will speak for itself, and that she'll be selected to represent team USA despite the setback.

Click here to see video of the crash.

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