GARDEN VALLEY -- Rex Lefevre is a former gold-miner hoping to enrich the community of Garden Valley with sounds and safety messages.

Back in 2008, Lefevre first applied for an FCC license to put Garden Valley's only radio station -- KXGV -- on-air. The reason? Lefevre says no one in the area can get a decent radio signal without a heavy-duty antennae system. What's more, in times of Emergency when floods or forest fires cut-off the community, Lefevre says a radio system would serve as a useful too.

With the help of audio engineer Terry Lloyd, Lefevre has been slowly preparing for the station to go live -- hopefully sometime in the summer of 2012.

Lefevre says he's disappointed that the FCC has taken nearly four years to approve the project; however, he's excited that the time is finally coming to broadcast.

Interestingly, he hopes to help pay for the service by offering interpretive gold mining classes and tips on where and how to look for the precious ore.

So far, his crew has only been able to produce an Internet broadcast with MP3's. However, Lefevre soon hope to be cranking out the tunes and safety messages for the area's roughly 3,000 people.

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